Finding it difficult to reach your personal training goals because challenges are holding you back? You’re not alone. This is a common problem personal trainers throughout New York and across the country help clients overcome. Here are five of the most pervasive challenges that prevent fitness enthusiasts from meeting goals.

No strategy in place

Without a solid plan, it’s hard to stay on track. Creating a fitness strategy before launching a fitness program is extremely helpful, since it serves as your roadmap as you move forward. A strategy should include specifics, such as how often to exercise, what areas to focus on, what time of day to work out, what to consume (and how much), and what results you expect to see. A personal trainer will develop a personalized fitness program with you that works with your schedule and takes your health and fitness goals into account, so you’ll have a sound strategy in place even before you get started.

Too many distractions

With so much competing for your attention on a daily basis, it’s too easy to get distracted and overlook fitness needs, so it’s important to keep focused and not let these distractions prevent you from fitting in a workout on a regular basis. Be sure to clear your schedule and make personal fitness a priority. Most distractions, from checking email and social media to reading the news, can wait until after you’ve exercised.

Inadequate nutrition

If you’re not eating what your body needs for health and wellness, it’ll be a challenge to keep up with your workout routine. Don’t skimp on nutrition; feed your body what it needs to stay strong and perform its best for you. Eating the right foods will give you endurance to keep up with your fitness program.

Not staying hydrated

Water is essential, helping transport nutrients for energy and keeping joints properly lubricated, among other benefits. Drink water before, during, and after each workout, and make sure you’re getting enough hydration throughout the day, too. Talk to your private trainer if you need help staying hydrated.

Lack of routine diversity

Fun and variety add an extra level of interest to just about anything, including fitness. Be sure to vary up your workouts to keep them interesting. Routine diversity keeps you from getting bored and keeps you motivated to actively pursue your personal fitness goals, day after day.

By following a well-planned strategy, staying hydrated, getting the nutrition you need, staying focused, and having fun with a variety of exercises, you’ll see the results you want before you know it! Let personal trainer Elene Cassis help you reach your fitness goals.