The Benefits Of Working Out

Most people know there are numerous benefits that those who work out enjoy. These benefits include strengthening muscles, improving bone health, maintaining the heart and lungs healthy, and maintaining healthy weight levels. But that’s not all that a good workout delivers. You can enjoy the following surprising benefits, too.

You’ll Feel Happier

Many studies reveal what you probably already suspect, namely, that exercising can increase your happiness levels. That’s because there’s a strong correlation between mental, physical, and emotional wellness. By getting up and exercising, you’re creating changes in your body, including your brain, that relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression. So go ahead and work out — your mood will improve and you’ll feel ready to seize the day!


You’ll Feel More Energized

Believe it or not, there are people who think that working out is draining. While getting a work out will tire you out, it shouldn’t leave you feeling drained of your energy. On the contrary; a brisk workout routine will, over time, leave you feeling like you have higher levels of energy to tackle whatever the day brings. If you’re feeling drained after a workout, talk with your fitness coach about revising your work-out plans.

You Can Eat More!

If you’re living a sedentary life in front of the computer all day and then in front of the TV screen when you get home, what you eat often translates into unwanted added pounds. But if you’re exercising and burning calories, your body will naturally require more fuel. Of course, you don’t want to go crazy with food consumption! A health assessment from your personal trainer can help you determine what you should be eating, and whether or not you’re getting enough nutrients and calories based on the intensity of your workout, among other factors.

You Can Steer Clear Of Chronic Diseases

A good workout improves your circulation, which is crucial even at the cellular level. When blood delivers oxygen to every system and every cell of your body more effectively, this translates to better overall health. By maintaining a regular exercise routine, you’re doing a tremendous service to your body, and the higher levels of health, wellness, and happiness you enjoy can translate to fewer illnesses and even the ability to avoid chronic diseases.

You Might Even Be Smarter

Exercising boosts brain power, so don’t be surprised if you find that your cognitive skills, including your recall, improve noticeably over time. If there are specific areas where you want to improve, talk to your fitness coach who can tailor your workout to meet your brain-power goals.


Fitness And Health Assessments With Elene Cassis

If you live in New York and you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of regularly working out, contact fitness coach Elene Cassis. She can conduct health and fitness assessments to determine where you are and help you reach your fitness goals. If being happier, more relaxed, and even sharper in your thinking skills all sound good to you, then contact personal trainer Elene Cassis today.