Have you met your weight loss goals? Congratulations! You’ve accomplished something you should be very proud of. It took time, effort, and dedication to achieve this milestone. Now that you’ve lost weight, your next goal is sustained weight loss, and regular exercise is a crucial part of the equation.

Keeping The Weight Off

To lose weight, you’ve had to make modifications to your diet, including what you eat and when you consume your meals and snacks. You’ve learned what the right portions are for your body’s unique metabolism. This knowledge will serve you well as you move forward, since it’s essential for keeping the weight from coming back.

But diet modifications alone are not enough. A healthy diet combined with healthy levels of exercise is the key to keeping weight off. And now that you’ve worked so hard to achieve your weight loss goals, you’ll want to maintain your new shape, size, and look.

The Importance Of Physical Activity

Stagnation can lead to a number of health issues, so the importance of physical activity is clear when it comes to overall health and wellness. With sustained weight loss, keeping active is just as relevant because it helps you burn more calories, and it enables you to maintain balance within the systems in your body that can affect your weight. Exercise helps to keep insulin at optimal levels. It can ward of serious depression, improve heart health, and lower blood pressure, all of which work in your favor to keep the weight off.

How A Personal Fitness Coach Can Help

Fitness trainers and coaches can help you establish an exercise routine that works for you. They can pinpoint the types of exercises that will give you the greatest benefit. They’ll come up with workout plans that incorporate a variety of exercises, rotating them for effectiveness as well as to maintain your interest levels.

It’s hard to keep going with your fitness routine when you’re bored or feeling a little unmotivated. A personal fitness coach has the background to help you overcome boredom. When exercising is fun, you’ll feel more inspired to keep active every day.

Your Personal Trainer In And Around New York City

If you live in or near New York City and you’re looking for a fitness coach to help you lose weight, keep the weight off, and tone your body to a degree you never before thought possible, turn to personal trainer Elene Cassis. Having been a competitive gymnast for 15 years, she became a Certified Personal Trainer and now regularly helps clients achieve their exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. She is ready to work with you on your fitness goals, meeting you where you are in your health and wellness journey.

Her extensive background lets her customize plans for weight management, weight loss maintenance, cardiovascular health, mental wellness, and so much more. She’ll help you come up with strategies that work for the goals you want to achieve. Start by getting your free assessment today!

When it comes to sustained weight loss, there’s no need to go it alone. Get the support and guidance you need from Elene Cassis, Personal Trainer.