Personal training is about meeting you where you are and meeting your needs. What works for one fitness enthusiast may not be right for you, which is why the best fitness coaches consult with you to find ways to create a fully customized routine. Help your personal trainer help you by letting her know these five important things.

What Are Your Main Fitness Goals?

Every individual has unique fitness goals. One person may be training for a marathon. Another may be working to get back in shape after a pregnancy. What are your goals?

First, start by asking yourself why you’re starting a new fitness routine. Explore your motivation, finding your personal answers to the question, “Why this, and why now?” The more you reflect on your motivation, the clearer your answers will be, and the more focused your fitness goals will become.

You don’t have to explore your reasons for starting a fitness program alone. Your personal trainer can serve as your sounding board, asking questions to get to the bottom of why you’ve turned to fitness (and good for you for doing so), and what is propelling you to do so at this time. Together, you can discover your main goals and work towards turning them into reality.

What Else Do You Want Your Routine To Do For You?

You probably have secondary goals you want to accomplish. For example, in addition to losing weight to improve your health, you may also have a secret desire to show off your new, fitter self to your friends, relatives, or co-workers. It’s okay to admit that you want to look your best in front of others!

Your personal trainer is someone with whom you can build a level of trust to be honest about why you’re embarking on your fitness journey. When she knows why you want to achieve certain results, she’ll find the right ways to keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Do You Have Any Health Conditions We Need To Know About?

When designing your fitness program, your personal trainer needs to be aware of any health conditions you may have. Depending on your health history and current state of health, your routines will be adjusted accordingly.

For example, if you have a heart condition, then a lower-intensity workout would be right for you. If you have diabetes or high cholesterol levels, your fitness coach will also work with you on nutrition. The more you let your personal trainer know about your health, the better she can adjust your program for improved results.

What Exercises Are You Struggling With?

A good workout routine incorporates a range of exercises that strengthen different muscle groups. If it’s been a while since you’ve used certain muscles, you’ll feel it in the beginning. You’ll also find that certain exercises may be harder than others.

Again, let your personal trainer know. She may decide to change the order of exercises so that you start with the ones that you find easier and work your way up to the more challenging ones. Or she may adjust the duration or intensity of a particular session. Giving your fitness coach frequent feedback enables her to make routine variations that can lead to greater benefits.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Exercises?

As with anything in life, we all have our favorites. If there’s a particular exercise or activity you really enjoy and feel motivated to do, but you feel you’re not doing enough of it, speak up. Tell your trainer what your favorite parts of your routine are, and let her know you’d like to do more. She can make adjustments to add more of your favorites in without cheating you out of a complete workout.

Turn To Elene Cassis, New York’s Personal Trainer

One of the first things that Elene Cassis likes to do with new clients is a health and fitness assessment to start off right. With this valuable information, she’ll understand your goals and your health condition from the beginning, which means she’ll design a fitness program custom-fit for you.

Letting your personal trainer know about your goals, hopes and wishes, as well as any health concerns, along with what you like and dislike about your program, means you’ll get more effective training while enjoying better results. It’s your right to speak up!

Personal trainer Elene Cassis wants to hear from you and learn how she can be of service. Her customized approach means she’ll take the time to get to know who you are, what you want to achieve, and how fitness can change your life. Her testimonials reveal that she genuinely listens to her clients and works with each one to create the best fitness program for him or her.
Is it time for you to achieve your fitness goals? Reach out to Elene Cassis Personal Training today to begin your journey to becoming the best YOU that you can be!