Are They Willing To Meet You Where You Are In Your Fitness Journey?

No two people are alike, and everyone has a different fitness journey that she or he is following. The right personal trainer understands this and meets you where you are. Each of us has a different body type or shape. Each one of us faces unique struggles and challenges. And all of us want to work with somebody who is supportive and understanding.

Do They Conduct Health And Fitness Assessments?

Before you launch into a new workout routine, whether you’ve been working out for years or this is your first time starting a fitness program, you need to make sure that your current physical condition and your needs are accurately assessed. A thorough health and fitness assessment gives you and your personal trainer valuable information to work with. The right exercises, as well as the ideal length and frequency of your workout, can be recommended only after you and your fitness coach understand your health history and present conditions.

Will They Work Towards Your Goals?

Once your goals are clear, your personal trainer needs to work with you to help you achieve them. There is nothing more frustrating than having a trainer constantly make demands on you that are way outside of your comfort zone. While it’s normal for a personal trainer to push you to a degree to help you improve each day, both of you need to know what you’re working towards, and she needs to be a supportive coach, not an unreasonable taskmaster. You deserve a supportive trainer!

Do They Listen To Your Concerns?

You need to be able to freely share with your personal fitness coach what’s working for you and what isn’t. If you’re concerned that you’re not losing weight fast enough, for example, your trainer needs to listen to these or any other concerns you may have. If you’re not enjoying certain exercises, or you feel each session is too long (or too short), or your workout is too rigorous (or not rigorous enough), your coach needs to listen to you and make changes accordingly.

Are They Certified?

Not everyone is qualified to be an effective fitness coach. At a minimum, your personal trainer needs to be certified, which shows she has the qualifications to be helping you on your fitness journey.

Elene Cassis, Personal Trainer In New York City

Elene Cassis has been serving residents of New York as a personal trainer for years. She is certified with the American Academy of Personal Training and the Council of Occupational Education. She also holds KettleBell Concepts Certification and has completed Suspension Training with TRX Academy.

Elene takes the time to assess where you are in terms of fitness and health. She is a good listener who values your goals, your concerns, and your hopes, and she will respectfully listen to anything else you want to share with her about your fitness journey. When you’re ready to work with a personal trainer who is supportive, incisive, and thorough, turn to Elene Cassis, personal trainer serving New York City and beyond. Contact her today.