Fitness isn’t just about short-term gains and results; it’s about making long-lasting lifestyle changes that make you look and feel like your best self inside and out. And that’s exactly what our fitness coach in New York — Elene Cassis — is focused on with each and every one of her clients. Elene is dedicated to helping you achieve all around health and fitness, not just physical fitness, and she’s helped people all throughout New York to meet their goals and feel their best. Check out our blog today to learn all about exercise, nutrition and working with a fitness coach. When you’re ready to start your journey toward mental, emotional and physical all-around fitness, contact us!

  1. Surprising Benefits Of Working Out

    The Benefits Of Working Out Most people know there are numerous benefits that those who work out enjoy. These benefits include strengthening muscles, improving bone health, maintaining the heart and lungs healthy, and maintaining healthy weight levels. But that’s not all that a good workout delive…Read More

  2. 5 Tips For Burning More Calories Every Day

    Burn Those Calories! Here are five tips to help you do just that, and the best part is that they’re simple enough to do every day. Try them. Increase The Length Of Time You Exercise You already know that physical activity burns calories. To burn more, increase your workout. Even just five minutes …Read More

  3. Why Exercise Is Essential For Sustained Weight Loss

    Have you met your weight loss goals? Congratulations! You’ve accomplished something you should be very proud of. It took time, effort, and dedication to achieve this milestone. Now that you’ve lost weight, your next goal is sustained weight loss, and regular exercise is a crucial part of the equ…Read More